Welcome to pninablake.com!

Hi! I’m Pnina, or as many know me, Penny Blake. 
My works originate from various musical roots: my work as a classical singer, my experience teaching voice to students with many musical interests, and my many years of involvement with choral music, both as a singer and conductor. I have been privileged to have many fine teachers over the years, amongst them Srul Irving Glick, Ronald Tremain and Peter Landey, who nurtured my music and  opened my ears to new approaches. I am also privileged to reside in the Niagara Peninsula, in a place where I can be inspired by the beauty of nature.

My work includes pieces for solo voice, choir, small ensemble and piano solo. It includes secular music, folk music, and music for religious services of all types. My style is contemporary, yet direct and approachable. My aim is to make music that can be enjoyed and played by all music lovers.


CD Front

The CD, The Heart Sings, contains original arrangements of traditional Yiddish songs and pieces inspired by the Jewish world and liturgy. Hopefully all music lovers can enjoy and use these pieces.